dialup dempsey, broadband and the election

Someone made this site taking the piss of our minister for broadband suppression. I’m still on dialup at home in county clare, broadband of any kind apart from satellite isn’t available. We’re only 3 miles from Ennis as well, the Information Age Town. Not much good resulted from that little project.

How did this country fuck up roll-out of broadband so bad? You’d think stuff like this would sort itself out with market forces in a developed and relatively rich economy. Obviously not. The general election’s coming up soon, I’m a 21 year old male, I don’t care for many issues but this. Someone sort it out and they’ll get my vote!

Twink Voicemail

Twink is an Irish entertainer who’s been around for ages. You can guess by the head of her that she’s a thundering bitch and here’s the proof! She left a voicemail on her ex-husbands mobile giving him abuse because her ‘slut dropped their bastard’ on Valentines day or something. Download the Twink voicemail

Update – Remix version released
Someone with too much time on their hands has released a remixed version called ‘Zip Up Your Micky’! It’s priceless, I must look like a weirdo in the computer suite laughing away to myself. Pretty catchy as well. I wonder do any of the national radio hosts have the balls to play it on air…
Listen to the Twink Voicemail remix on MySpace

Irish Eyes Poker in Internet cafes

I don’t know if this is common around the country but the local pool hall in Galway recently introduced online poker through IrishEyesPoker. They setup a dozen computers in the corner and you deposit money at the counter you can gamble with and they charge you a set fee. The problem is the username and passwords for every account are plastered on the wall! You can use these to log in on your own computer at home and play with someones money or even withdraw it! It’s ridiculous. Here’s one to try: (username) bantry2 (password) eglinton2

The way it works, when you deposit money at the desk and they lodge it, and when you leave they withdraw it. So you have to login when someone is actually playing for it to be money it. Have fun! I don’t fell guilty giving away that user/pass, it’s their own fault for being so stupid.