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  1. hahaha hes ruined..its him all right look at the cut on his wrist in both photos.. look at the state of the two hes with, casley looks like the blonde one,not rog

  2. Ya,O Gara’s bird will be ragin.But she’s more then likely only there for the minor(very minor it has to be said) publicity that goes with the Fucking IT Scene,so fuck em all

  3. @Dave

    Name a better fly-half in the Northern hemisphere at the moment? Stephen Jones, Charlie Hodgson and Fat Andy Goode were shite in the Autumn internationals. And the french guy (don’t know his name) was crap in the All Black tests.

  4. Oh my god why is everyone being so mean bout poor rog?Both the photo’s have obviously been messed with! It’s clear as day!He was nice enough to let them take the photo then someone does somethin like this!It’s a disgrace if u ask me!

  5. u can all fuk urselves!!! its obviously a fake!!! ya ur rite shes da biggest chav in da country! he sed so himself dat his hand wasnt in da best position, but its obviously bin doctored!!!! nd shut da fuk up da lot of ya!!! i dint see u gettin in2 da top 100 sexiest lads in ireland!!!! watru on bout minor publicity hes known worldwide which is more dan i can say 4 ye bastards!!!! hes da soundest, hottest nd legest player eva nd if u dont agree, go buk a private hotel room nd fuk urself!!!!!!!! luv ya r.o.g!!!

  6. I could do the same with Photoshop !
    Look at its wrist ! It’s obvious !
    How can people be so irrational and believe everything they see *eyes rolling*

  7. what a loser…this is the only way you get attention????…bit of a Dublin jealousy to your rant…is it cos Roj is from Cork and the most important part of the Irish team, bar none?????

  8. Jez ROG can do dat to me anytime,hes sooooooooo hot and dat incredibly sexy cork accent!!!!Pity hes married. Often see the players out in Dublin, at least he is sociable, as is BOD but most are completely up demselves. ROG ROCKS!!

  9. liam you stupid cunt, im from clare, not smelly dublin. but i agree with ya, hes probably the most important player in the irish team along with the bull. if either of them are missing in the wc we’re fucked

  10. Did people actually think that was real??? I cant believe it. Its completely chopped up and put back together in photoshop. Plus the fact that he is completely wasted shows that he wouldnt even know where the girls breasts would be even if he wanted to touch them!

  11. Jez these girls must ave much 2 do wit their time than play around wit a picture they got taken wit ronan o’gara. why would rog touch the girl sure look at her.

  12. who are the sad arses that put this load of shite on the internet…no question that it is photo shopped…
    this is the gratitude that ppl show to our our world class players…
    what a cheap shot…

  13. Ronan O Gara is a rubbish and a sub-standard flyhalf! He has finally been found out at the world cup where he has done nothing!

    Bring back Humphreys! O Gara is a one dimensional player who has no defence or attacking ability! Compared to the worlds best (Carter, Wilkinson, Larkham) and any other Southern Hemisphere outhalf, O’ Gara looks and is extremely ordinary. Imagine O’ Driscoll outside any top class no 10 who attacks a line and creates gaps, as apposed to kicking all the ball away!

    He looks to be a world class boozer and sleezebag!

  14. Looks a bit like when he got up from his Duncan Macrae hiding, only that time he curled up into like a girly tit instead of trying get his hands on one.

  15. This is not photoshopped. Im delighted all this stuff is comin out in in the papers about him. My friend met him and the rest of the team in Ayia Napa and she has never seen anything like it. All I’ll say is they are all probably riddled with STI’s.

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