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  1. Spectacular i luv u wit yo fine self ba by i got every
    picture of u and every poster of u on my wall!!!i even got an picture of you with yo pants down you,slick-em,
    pleasure andddd babyblue!!!…so u kno im in love but diz be dat gul from dat point in mississippi and i luv it but we aint on da hotline we on dat net line!!!…

  2. unblock bebo plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!. it aint fair y shld u hav 2 block bebo wen all peeps wana do on der is jus tlk init. prsonly i fink ur all out off orda 4 blockin stuff like that any way. 🙁 🙁

  3. hey can you by some chance get meebo on proxy or whataever it is
    i go to a titeass boarding school and i need msn or some sort of substitute for it.

  4. bebo is blocked yet again, this sucks big time is there any proxy able to get through the firewalls secretly and actually keep up to its standards or at least what it says it can do. most proxy makers claim they can do it but most fail miserably. like proxytopia for instance.. one last thing plz help me and every1 else that just wants to actually have a decnt time on the comps. ta

  5. u dont even have a proxy on ur home page this site should never b included in a search labled “myspace proxy”

  6. hello im McKenzie please unblock bebo because i live in blackburn and my friends dont and there always on bebo and i want to talk to them but i cant so please unblock it thankyou xxx

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