site down

Blog finally back up. I had to setup nameservers on this server and my machine in the states, ran into loads of problems of course, I can get nothing right off the bat. Money making site took preference so this blog was out in the wind for a few days. Email still not working and proxy goosed. Should have hired some Indian to do this all this shit

mysql goes over max connections with loads of sleep queries in processlist

Getting weird problems with my server that put it out of the action for most of the day. The error being reported was too many connections which I thought is a nice problem to have as loads of people using my website. But when I ran ‘SHOW PROCESSLIST;’ in mysql it showed loads of sleep processes that were waiting for ages.

To find out which queries were causing this I restarted mysql with log=/home/logfile which logs all queries. Then run SHOW PROCESSLIST again and match the ID of the sleeping queries to the log file. Loads of different SQL queries were returned so that didn’t really help. Then I got lazy and just edited the /etc/my.cnf file and set wait_timout to 60 seconds, so mysql just kills anything over 60 seconds. The default was 8 hours! So that’s a temporary fix, still don’t know what the root cause is.

My server has a dual core Xeon and running msql version 4.1 and there’s reports of this problem with that version and processer. So I’ll upgrade to mysql 5 and see if that fixes it.

search bebo

The old way to search bebo for old friends was through Google which was crap as they haven’t indexed all profiles yet. The solution? Use Bigulo the Bebo search engine developed by a Des Traynor doing a PhD in computer science. It also lets you check who has the most friends and who’s rated the best looking. I actually had the idea of doing the same thing when Bebo hit the scene about this time last year, I wrote a script that scraped all of the NUIG people on Bebo and how many other NUIG friends they had for the laugh. But extending that out for all of Bebo… jaysus. How did bebo not ban Bigulo’s IP after seeing it download god-knows-how-much bandwidth.

lossless audio formats

What’s the point of lossless audio like FLAC, APE and probably more? Can anyone actually hear the difference between a 192kbps MP3 album and a FLAC album? And the FLAC is probably four times the size plus you’ve to download extra codecs and have to convert to another format before you upload to your iPod. Posting albums in this format seems to be the new trend on usenet. Raging.