paid forums

I signed up for the paid seoblackhat forums there about a month ago to see what it was all about. It cost $100 which is no chump change and it’s a recurring subscription. I just cancelled it there, some info was alright but not great and I’m off to the States for a month soon so it’d be wasted money. If it was around $20 a month I probably would have kept the sub going.

It has a few select knowledgable members and a lot of noobs asking fairly basic questions trying to get their moneys worth. Quadzilla has a few members being paid or with a vested interest running around trying to answer all the questions. Honestly, nothing there is information not freely available on syndk8 and there’s way better banter and craic on sydk8 as well.

The memberlist tells me there’s 253 members. I say about 220-230 of these are paying. That’s at least $22,000 that Quadzilla’s getting a month. Pretty sweet, fair play to him for thinking of the idea and making it work. But I think it’s crap. My 2 cent.

three 3g ‘broadband’

Finally got some degree of broadband net access to our house here a few miles outside Ennis, County Clare. ADSL never worked according to the eircom website and cable was obviously a non runner when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Then last week I heard that three were offering broadband of up to 3.6megabits/second using the 3g phone network.

I ordered the PC card for my laptop but my laptop only has an express card slot like most new models. Don’t know why three offer obsolete equipment. But I rang asking to swop for the USB modem and they had it out in one working day.

Set it up grand but I’m only getting download speeds of about 30kilobytes/second storage owing to the bad network coverage. The software that comes with it shows how many ‘bars’ you have and I only ever have one or zero sometimes which cuts out the connection. I tried it at my sisters place which is closer to town and got over 100kilobytes/second. Still, 30kb/second is 10 times quicker than crappy dialup. Definitely a good option for people with few broadband options.

Voted today

Voted for the first time in a general election today. I literally made up my mind at the polling station. I generally agree with Fianna Fail and PD objectives so in order of preference I went: Timmy Dooley, Brendan Daly, Tony Killeen (all FF) and Murt Collins (PD).

I don’t think I’ll ever vote for Sinn Fein, the Greens or Labour. And Enda Kenny just doesn’t instill confidence. James Breen is an independent from Kilnamona which I didn’t vote for as I never heard of him doing anything in the last 5 years apart from topping the list of TDs expenses or something. And he woke me up this morning with a SMS to vote for him! Don’t know how they got my number, must be on the register or something.

Solving captchas in your blackhat scripts

Been playing a lot with blackhat stuff and writing PHP scripts to spam your links to as many places as possible. Most of these forums, guestbooks and blogs now have captchas but there’s a few ways around them. You can setup a crappy porn site and get people to solve captchas to see your content. You can try to write code that solves them, which is hard. Or you can hire people to solve them.

Someone setup a nice little service to automate (blackhatters sure do like to automate) all this at Captcha Solver. I heard about something like this at You register as a user, incorporate the API into your code and are charged roughly 2 cent per captcha. Eastern europeans and others register as a worker and presumably get paid 1 cent or less to solve the captchas. Interesting.

A notice on the homepage tells me that people from Ireland are not allowed to sign up as workers for some reason. Damn. I wanted to spend the summer solving captchas for 1 cent each…. what a shite job.