google adsense for mobile code hack

Google have announced adsense for mobile so I decided to test it out on my ringtones WAP site which gets quite a lot of page impressions, 11 million in August though that includes the actual media files which obviously can’t have adsense on them. Went into my adsense account and created the mobile code to place on my wap site in my scripting language of PHP and WAP format of WML. Google gives you PHP code which sets a few global PHP variables and then tries to require the necessary code from the Google servers which is a bit of a problem as I disable PHP being able to fopen URLs for security reasons.

So I grabbed the code Google was trying to require and it seems like simple PHP that sends the request to the Google ad server through another fopen and echos the output. I changed the fopen code to a cURL request and just echoed that and it seems to work fine for the time being. But if Google ever change the code that I just downloaded there could be problems. I’m surprised they used fopen, if I was coding it I would have used a fsockopen function which is nearly guaranteed to always work no matter what settings the user has.

The only ads I’ve seen on it so far are for some kind of dating site. CPC is about the same as on the WWW site but CTR is fairly low, I’m guessing because the ads aren’t very targeted yet. Looks good for the future though. Google move first again.

Here’s the code I copied and pasted into my WML pages minus the publisher ID’s

$value) {
if ($param == "client") {
google_append_url($google_ad_url, $param,
"ca-mb-" . $GLOBALS["google"][$param]);
} else if (strpos($param, "color_") === 0) {
google_append_color($google_ad_url, $param);
} else if ((strpos($param, "host") === 0)
|| (strpos($param, "url") === 0)) {
google_append_url($google_ad_url, $param,
$google_scheme . $GLOBALS["google"][$param]);
} else {
google_append_globals($google_ad_url, $param);
google_append_url($google_ad_url, "dt",
round(1000 * array_sum(explode(" ", microtime()))));

return $google_ad_url;

$ch1 = curl_init(google_get_ad_url());
curl_setopt($ch1, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$google_blah = curl_exec($ch1);
echo $google_blah;

adwords api pricing

Why is the adwords api so expensive? It should be completely free, don’t Google want us to use their system. Wrote a php script to add loads of keywords and ran it on a test run to insert about 3000 keywords with a seperate adgroup for every 2 keywords, so 1500 ad groups. I knew the API costs money but I thought it would be miniscule. $80 that run cost me! I feel like ringing Joe Duffy.

Price comparison of .ie domain name registrars

I register a few .ie domains and am always wondering what’s the cheapest. Couldn’t find any comparison on the net so I went through the Table A list of companies on the IEDR site. Table A companies have registered over 500 domains. If any of the other companies sell cheap, contact me.

So I tried to register for each company and got to the point of entering a credit card and took note of the price. For other companies that I couldn’t get to the register page for some reason or another I took note of their listed one year price and any VAT. CSC Domains Inc, BT Ireland, Eurokom and IE Internet all had no listed price and no register page, they asked you to contact them directly. NetNames UK gave no specific .ie price and when I tried to register one their system crashed. NASK TESTING PDN site was down when I checked.

All prices are including VAT even when the site says nothing as I’m presuming they all charge it. Ignore the tailing zeros, the prices are floats in the MySQL table. It’s for one year registration and immediate transfer to external nameservers. If I’ve any information here incorrect about your company, contact me and I’ll fix it. So here’s the list starting with the cheapest:

Update: Added ICCM Hosting 19 Sept

ICCM Hosting 29.030000 Not listed as a reseller on IEDR site. Appears on registration form that you have to use their hosting. 30.240000
Hosting 365 31.400000 Claim free parking.
Switchmedia 34.070000
Digiweb 36.300000
Blacknight 54.450000
Darklie-SCE 54.450000 Cheaper if you host with them 59.290000 Claim free parking
Web World 59.290000
Host Ireland 60.320000
Elive 66.550000 This price is including VAT because it says nothing about it on the site and if I had to guess I’d say there’s another 21%. Register form was down when I checked. They’ve some bullcrap about managing your DNS services being an extra E10 a year.
Eircom 67.000000 Got to where you enter your CC, and the price was still this so I presume no VAT added even though I presumed there would be
UTV Internet 78.650000
Irish Domains 84.000000 2 different one year prices exclu. VAT, I picked the cheapest. Reduction per year if you register longer than one year. Claim free parking. You have to ‘request info’ to get your domain, can’t do it yourself. (Novaro) 84.700000
Hosting Ireland 84.700000 Claim free parking
Magnet Business 119.790000 Doesn’t say anything about VAT, presume it has to be added on so I did to get this price. No register form, have to contact them. An extra E175 to point domain to a different host….