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Why is the adwords api so expensive? It should be completely free, don’t Google want us to use their system. Wrote a php script to add loads of keywords and ran it on a test run to insert about 3000 keywords with a seperate adgroup for every 2 keywords, so 1500 ad groups. I knew the API costs money but I thought it would be miniscule. $80 that run cost me! I feel like ringing Joe Duffy.

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  1. Welcome to the world of Google surprises Georgie!

    We use the API service for just ONE in house tool and it runs three transactions per keyword. We can only run this tool ONCE per month on each client account because running it twice would exceed the price they pay us to manage the account.

    I fully agree, Google should offer this for free but I guess their server load is more important.

  2. It’s a joke! I doubt it’s server load, they probably think if they leave the API free people will just add loads of keywords without thinking and the ‘user experience’ will suffer or something.

    Surely someone could write some PHP class that could be used like the API but just emulates a normal browser logged into adwords or using the adwords editor. I’d guess emulating the adwords editor would be easier. Lot of coding though.

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