Android chown recursively

Stock Android chown in /system/bin/chown doesn’t support the recursive switch which I discovered when I was trying to manually change owners and groups on an app folder.
chown -R u0_a160:u0_a160 databases/
resulted in the error message No such user '-R'.

So you need to use Android Busybox chown:
busybox chown -R 10160:10160 databases/

Install Busybox first if you don’t have it, obviously. Note you need to use numeric UID/GIDs with busybox chown or you’ll get an unknown user error message. Find numeric owners and groups with the -n switch: busybox ls -l -n /data/data

Ross Ulbricht, alleged Silk Road founder, StoryCorps Interview with Rene? Pinnell

Just got a copyright strike on my Youtube account from the ‘Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Fund LLC’ for an interview he did with a friend that I reuploaded to my account.


Now I’ve a copyright strike and all my videos are limited to 15 minutes. Pretty fucking pissed because if they just sent me a message on Youtube I would have gladly taken it down. So out of spite, I’m reuploading here:

Download link, save link as: