iMessage is a handy way to show people you’ve the money for an iPhone

When someone text me & my bubble don’t turn blue I instantly pity them lol — Ju$t (@justcobain) November 30, 2012 I get soo excited when I text someone and see my messages turn blue!!! Such an upgrade on life!!! — Cherish Williams (@Cherish_this) December 3, 2012 I judge people when I text them for […]

MediaMonkey Playlist Creator Script

I’m going to the Forbidden Fruit music festival this weekend and for all gigs I like to do ‘homework’ on the bands and what sets they’re likely to play. That sounds like working to have fun but concerts are always better when you know the songs! MediaMonkey is my music player of choice; one of […]

ryanair leaving money on the table with no customer registration

I’ve booked loads of Ryanair flights and every time they ask you for your name, address, mobile and when you check in online, they ask for your passport number and date of birth. Why do you have to do this everytime? Why can’t you register an account on the ryanair website and have all this […]

php curl debugging – seeing the exact http request headers sent by curl

In my many of years of php/curl use, I’ve hammered my head off my table countless times trying to debug scripts that weren’t emulating the browser like it was supposed to. This was pretty hard without seeing the exact HTTP request header sent by cURL each session, but this is possible now from PHP 5.1.3 […]