iMessage is a handy way to show people you’ve the money for an iPhone

raygun 4play interview video

I remember seeing this ridiculous interview for a band called Raygun on Graham Linehan’s blog a few months. I went looking for it again and noticed Sony had forced most copies to be taken down! But I found this one on Youtube and decided to post on my site for safekeeping. My favourite bit is ‘they couldn’t even find me a job in a record store’. LOL. Sums up this coddled generation.

Bankers version of U2’s One – Cringeworthy

I promised myself I’d stop reguritating videos I found on Digg and Youtube and just add ’em to my but this is just too funny. Bank of America merged with MBNA and at the press conference thing, two staff members dedicated their version of U2’s ‘One’ to the merger. It was meant to be a joke but the way the singer and guitarist take it so seriously… doing that annoying thing where he looks away to the side after each passionate line… ahahaha