More rugby clips, Munster v Cardiff and Wallabies v Springboks

More of teh rugby video clips.

Denis Leamy’s first try against Cardiff

Denis Leamy’s second try against Cardiff
Robinson try for Cardiff
Barry Murphy try against Cardiff
Mark Lewis try for Cardiff
Alan Quinlan gets the bonus point

Percy Montgomery drop goal against Australia 2005
Clyde Rathbone try against South Africa 2005
Bryan Habana 2nd breakout try against Australia

Uploaded a few rugby videos to YouTube

Been uploading rugby videos to Youtube lately including highlights of the Leinster v Agen match including BOD getting sick, tries from England v Australia last summer and Donnacha O’Callaghan trying to play in his jocks against Cardiff on Sunday!

I should have posted this on my blog quicker as posted my video on his blog and got a link from Donnacha O’Caoimhs PR8 blog. All that lovely pagerank could have been mine. Ah well. Here are all the videos.

And I get all my rugby games on BitTorrent from AussieTorrents, Demonoid and Diwana in case anyone is wondering. BT ports are blocked on my student accomodation connection so I’m renting a server from Hosting365 and running rtorrent from that. rtorrent was fair hard to install. €80 a month and I’m just using it to download rugby, fuck it though, it’s worth it.

Donncha O’Callaghan

Leinster v Agen tries and O’Driscoll getting sick

Georgie Gregan magic, England v Australia, Summer 2006

Chris latham try, quality seems bad from .mp4 files

Mark Gerrard try

Rodney Blake try. Always nice to see England being trashed