Google Bowling

After Google’s recent bad data push that resulted in 5 billion spam pages in the index, a lot of webmasters seem to be accepting the fact that Google is bust and seem to be looking to the dark side of SEO, including me. I registered at syndk8 and have been reading up on all the methods used.

Did you know anybody could get your site banned through a method called Googlebowling? This is where you somehow insert HTML onto the target site that you know will activate Google spam filter, like stuffing keywords in h1 tags. You could this by enterting the HTML in a search box on the target site and then copying the resulting URL.

Then get this URL indexed in Google somehow and there’s a good chance the site will be banned. I can’t see a easy way Google could stamp out this practice without introducing a human element somewhere in the algo. Why bother with white hat when this could happen to your site at anytime?

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  1. same one as here, georgiecasey. Haven’t posted there much, just joined after the 5 billion pages in Google thing.

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