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I used to find it really hard to find good rugby union videos on the net but thanks to YouTube there’s loads now. House of Harry has loads of links to youtube videos, which i think he uploaded himself but not sure. Loads of Christian Cullen videos in his prime. And there’s a great thread on planet rugby full of youtube rugby video clips.

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  1. Hey, i’m just some random who hopes you can help me out.
    I’m told last night’s brumbies vs. waratahs game was awesome (if your a brumbies girl, which I am) however I missed it. Is there anyway of downloading entire games? Or is this a lost cause?

    Any help would be sweet.


  2. @James
    Youtube has all the rugby tries and highlights that you’d ever want. And you can download youtube clips. But if you’re looking for full games, shoot us an email.

  3. Hi im looking to put together a dvd as a christmas present for a friend with a load of footage of jason robinson and jonny wilkinson playing rugby. Ive seen alot of clips on you tube but i can’t download them in a format that i could put onto a dvd. Saw this site and was wondering if you could help me out?

  4. Hey – how do u download youtube vids to the hard drive?

    btw do u have the Super 14’s Final of Last year?

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