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  1. lol nobody bothered to tell him he cant fight coz they didnt want to hurt an old mans fealings, the power of denial and self belief

  2. What a total waste of time. Like anyone here thought that bullshit was anything near real.(first vid) Second one was a bunch more BS a old ass guy fighting a younger opponent? whoopeee deal, like we didn’t see that shit coming! What total nonsense!

  3. Those who do not believe are only ignorant to the world around them. Be careful what you say, when science is finally able to explain the “inner energy” you will wish you had held your tongue. So far its looking like something to do with brainwaves.

    I feel bad for him, looks like a bad day to me.

  4. THat was fake as hell. Don’t get it twisted though, that was a bul shit martial art, not all are.
    Bruce Li would kick all our asses. No he’s not just a “movie fighter.”

  5. … yeah, he was just having a bad day…. lets go with that one -_-!
    either way he got schooled to the point where his oponent’s moment of victory is replaced with the terror that he may have just killed the old gezer xD

  6. The old man won by losing. Sure it seems a paradox for us the Westerners. But he chose not to hurt his opponent and not to resist. This is simply the highest level of self-development and harmony; the spirit and the ultimate goal of peaceful budo.

  7. What a tool! Time and again these lame “Chi” fighters get their asses handed to them. I love whenever these guys, be they “faith healers” “Chi Fighters” or any kind of spiritual charlatan (spelling?) get owned in public. What losers, the only people who are more Pathetic are the followers who are “power of suggestion pushovers”, litterally. “Winning by by losing”? I dont think so, I live in asia and Asians (like everyone else) play to win. If this guy was so noble, he would not fight at all, just teach. But its nice to see as many gullible fools in the west as in the east.

  8. I was being ironic Kevin 😉 But such philosophy is often a smokescreen for the uselessness of various “masters”.

    This one was only stupid enough to believe his own crap – the biggest professional mistake to be done by a charlatan (just like a drug dealer starting drugs :))

  9. Force or “chi” projection is by all means real honestly. I’m no master, but I can do it myself to a degree. I and others can feel it at close range, nothing more than a few inches away at best. I learned how to harness my chi after a year and a half of karate, and meditation. However that ability by itself is useless in combat unless you can add that extra force to your attacks. Thats how human bones break things that are 3x harder like concrete. This guy is a fluke though – that 1 swipe he tried to get in b4 getting clobbered? LOL weak as hell. He doesn’t even keep his arm/guard up. A quick sign of an amateur fighter

  10. for any real martial ARTIST to say that chi,ki,kundalini,internal energy or whatever you wish to call it is fake is only proving there own ignorance of the true path of the martial arts. I have been studying,practising and researching martial arts most of my life and have had countless experiences with energy including being knocked to the ground by it. That is not saying that i would count on it to kill an opponent or win a fight by itself nor would i make ridiculous bets on it for fame Quote”the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered”.

    Lets not forget though that before the martial arts there was qigong and before dharma taught the Chinese qigong he practiced a form of breathing exercises which later became known as yoga, so to deny energy is to deny the very foundations of the martial arts.
    In closing i would like to say that the is a lot of scientific research being done of late on the subject so have a look at what is out there you might just be enlightened
    “seek the invincible and do the impossible

  11. Hadou it depends what you mean by “fake”. Ki is the feeling of power gained from perfect coordination, timing, intuition (being the result of years of experience) combined with natural human vitality. Viewed as such, its existence and usefulness is undeniable.

    However, if you believe it’s something more than that – some kind of “energy” in literal sense of the word; well, it’s more of a religious concept then.

    So? If one believes it – fine; well I don’t.

    If that belief helps somebody to practice, that’s great, but it cannot be a subject of “scientific research” and let’s not dellude ourselves about it.

    And finally, the concept of “energy” and attempts to control it should NOT replace proper (mundane, tedious) practice… which – I think – happens quite often, regrettably.

  12. This old man is an insult to all martial artists, particularly those who study internal systems. Chi energy does in fact exist, and is not a myth. However, you will never see serious internal arts practitioners pulling this kind of b.s. There is nothing magical about internal energy.

    It seems that his students were just throwing themselves around, to make the old man look good. Problem is that the old man’s seemingly telekinetic strikes only worked on his students. Let me get in there and see if his crap works.

    This kind of nonsense is what keeps the public mesmerized about the martial arts, and makes us all look bad.

  13. What I would like to know is “what the heck does this have to do with Aikido”?? I mean if that was Aikido, I don’t know what I’ve been training. Jogging?

  14. “What I would like to know is “what the heck does this have to do with Aikido”?? I mean if that was Aikido, I don’t know what I’ve been training. Jogging?”

    The old man is an Aikido Master. It just goes to show you that Aikido is worthless in a real fight.

    The next time you train, don’t cooperate with the instructers. Don’t tell them what you are doing. If you do, they just give you a song and dance of how it’s dangerous and that you could get hurt if you don’t.

    Start of small, resisting one or two throws. You’ll see that they can’t throw you if you don’t let them and your rist isn’t going to break.

    The more you do this the more you’ll understand that they have NOTHING without your cooperation.

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