rapidshare.com and rapidshare.de. Why?

Why did rapidshare.de clone their site to rapidshare.com? They claim their drives were full, why didn’t they just buy new drives and use them on the German site. The two sites are clearly the same company as they allowed me to get a free .com account using a code from my .de one for a limited time and the sites look the same (great proof). But you can’t get an account the other way around. I renewed my .com one a while ago but there’s some files on .de I want to download and it looks like I have to pay twice!

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  1. There is no doubt that this split is mostly intended to increase revenues. It does suck that you now have to pay for two services… In any case for the past few months rapidshare.com seems to be taking a major rule, overshadowing the .de counterpart… and thats a good thing cuz I only have a .con act 😉
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  2. it beneath the surface of trade.They have serious problems
    about copyrighted staff in their drives.”Rapidshare.de” was basicly the movie (both adult and cinema) database in the world.they have speed they have place.

    i’m a com user too i m glad i find the right way
    there is no need for p2ps or torrents just find the links
    copy to flashget and use your password in 2 hours(in 1024 kbs) you got a divx cd
    its gonna last sometime
    they have moles in forums and all over the internet to clear but even though it’ll be cleared it will be reloaded
    i did see in a forum a film uploaded 3 times in 2 days

    so they want to get rid off the staff in .de they first said they have no place then took the premium point staff so uploads has stopped on de i think they will cut the premium point staff in com too in sometime

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