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The old way to search bebo for old friends was through Google which was crap as they haven’t indexed all profiles yet. The solution? Use Bigulo the Bebo search engine developed by a Des Traynor doing a PhD in computer science. It also lets you check who has the most friends and who’s rated the best looking. I actually had the idea of doing the same thing when Bebo hit the scene about this time last year, I wrote a script that scraped all of the NUIG people on Bebo and how many other NUIG friends they had for the laugh. But extending that out for all of Bebo… jaysus. How did bebo not ban Bigulo’s IP after seeing it download god-knows-how-much bandwidth.

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  1. Hey Georg(ie)

    Cheers for the link!

    Just to clarify, I can’t take all the “glory”, Andrew Page also worked on Bigulo doing the dirty work (i.e. the programming/screen-scraping etc).

    Unfortunately I can’t answer your question though 🙂


  2. I think that this website should of unblocked bebo under this site because bebo is so hott and so is thhe other websites so please unblock bebo under this site.

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