Amazon S3 and site backups

Been looking for ages for a way to backup the data on my money-making sites which is over 100GB. I’d be finished if my server crashed and I lost all that. So I exported the database as a big 104GB SQL file and started downloading to my external hard drive from college which was going to take 80 hours and that hard drive was acting up lately. I couldn’t find a cheap enough online backup service and anyway they all assumed you were backing up normal data from your Windows PC.

Then reading through old Matt Cutt posts directed me to Amazon S3 which is a dirtcheap backup solution (hate that word but fits here). Only costs 20 cents per uploaded gigabyte and 15 cent per gigabyte/month of storage. So $20 to upload everything and $15 per month after that. So cheap for peace of mind.

So paused the really long download to the external drive at 3% and split up that 104GB SQL into 1GB pieces as S3 has a cap of 5GB per file. Downloaded a handy perl/curl script to upload files to the service and setup a screen and ran the scripts. So should be all backed up by this time tomorrow. Handy.

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