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I signed up for the paid seoblackhat forums there about a month ago to see what it was all about. It cost $100 which is no chump change and it’s a recurring subscription. I just cancelled it there, some info was alright but not great and I’m off to the States for a month soon so it’d be wasted money. If it was around $20 a month I probably would have kept the sub going.

It has a few select knowledgable members and a lot of noobs asking fairly basic questions trying to get their moneys worth. Quadzilla has a few members being paid or with a vested interest running around trying to answer all the questions. Honestly, nothing there is information not freely available on syndk8 and there’s way better banter and craic on sydk8 as well.

The memberlist tells me there’s 253 members. I say about 220-230 of these are paying. That’s at least $22,000 that Quadzilla’s getting a month. Pretty sweet, fair play to him for thinking of the idea and making it work. But I think it’s crap. My 2 cent.

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  1. Thanks Georgie. Was thinking of giving it a trial month myself but it seems there are quite a few similar reviews and I know for a fact that there is nothing much to justify the steep monthly fee.

    Did you get anything at all from it?

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