testing affiliate offers from ireland

As we all know, affiliate marketing is predominately a Yank thing. Loads of ringtone offers on networks only take US customers and accept US IPs. If you’re international, all you get is this offer isn’t for your area and you’re turfed off to some crappy converting offer like mortgage leads or something.

So I geotarget on my site and don’t show ads to international customers that will let them leave the site. I use the free Maxmind geolocation service and a simple include script. eg


You always want to test to see if this works because something always goes wrong as we all know. You can use one of those US based proxy sites to test it but that can get messy with javascript and iframes. So I signed up for an account with findnot proxy service. It’s only $15 a month and fairly speedy. And it works through PPTP so it’s piss easy if you run Windows XP like me.

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