muxtape is another one of these web 2.0 startups that get the site up now and will worry about copyrights later. Basically you signup and upload 12 of your favourite tracks, send everyone your link and they can listen to the songs through flash. Of course the links to the actual MP3s stored on Amazons (very cool) S3 service are easy to find and come with a little ‘DON’T STEAL MUSIC’ query tag variable.

I love this site, I go there everyday and pick a new tape to listen to, the amount of new music I’ve been introduced is unreal. It tends to be the real music fans who create the tapes aswell so no Rihanna or Justin in there. I hope it isn’t closed soon but it inevitably will. Surprised it lasted this long.

In the meantime, using the excellent muxtape downloader greasemonkey script that place a little download link beside each song. It’s like the last days of Napster!

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  1. Best website in the world ever!
    They’re obviously setting themselves up for the big sale ala Youtube or whatever. Or they will get their arses sued out of their pants by the RECO’S.

  2. Yeah, nice isn’t it? Though that greasemonkey doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  3. Lol, yeah, I was following the drama today. It wasn’t working for a while, I was looking for your email addy. Good stuff, script well handy

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