lisbon treaty

Last day before we all have to vote on the lisbon treaty. Since I read the facts on this before Christmas I’ve been strongly in favour of a yes vote. It’s a basic housekeeping exercise for the EU and I’m pro-europe as everyone in Ireland should be. The money we’ve received during the 80s and 90s was crazy, now we hear complaints from clueless fuckers that we’ll be sending money to the 10 accession countries. Our contribution is tiny compared to the UK and Germany, the latter has been bankrolling the EU project since its beginning.

It’s a good thing if infrastructure is improved in Poland and other countries, their economy improves and we can sell our shit to them. Some deals are win-win. I was sure this would be passed easy but with the scaremongering by the previously unknown Libertas, I’m not so sure now. All the main parties are in favour of it, does that not convice people? You only have the obsolete shinners against it (check out that united irelander blog if you’re looking for a good laugh btw).

This shouldn’t have went to a referendum, it should have been passed in parliament somehow like all other EU countries did. People don’t know what’s good for them.

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