quadzilla getting lazy

Looks like so called blackhat (is the term even relevant anymore?) expert quadzilla is organising a party at Oktoberfest along with other ‘experts’ where they’ll be divulging their top ‘secrets’. All for the low price tag of 5 grand. Of course, ‘If you can’t afford the cover charge then this gathering is not for you.’ Lolz

Anyone who pays that kind of money for a session needs a kick up the hole, you won’t learn anything that isn’t freely available on the net or is just plain common sense. But I have to admire the cheek of the guy who regularly blogs looking for people to buy him dinner where he’ll divulge more ‘secrets’. If you manage to get 10 idiots to pay you off and let you actually profit from getting wasted at Oktoberfest instead of spending the time infront of a computer making money, well, then kudos to you!

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  1. $5k is a bit steep for most people, but a fool and his money is easily parted (as they say). I’ve met Marcus and he’s a pretty dead on guy, I don’t know about Quadzilla.

    But you know, there are always people with too much money out there, why not take advantage of your fame/notoriety and get to party it a little off the back of it.

    I read some reviews and they were all pretty positive, the list of ‘speakers’ attending was impressive (like Brian Clark).

    Seeing as I live in Munich, I’m thinking of doing my own event next year, but without the blackhat SEO 😉 Just with beer !


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