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  1. Why? Cant you beat the boks in a 15 a side match? Shame. That incident had no effect on the outcome of the game. Infact the boks payed dearly by conceding 10 points while Schalk was in the bin. Quit moaning about small incidents and rather focus on bettering your rugby. The fact is you lost against a much better side!

  2. Oh the poor darling, now his contacts won’t fit properly.

    Seriously though, unacceptable from Burger, this sort of thing has no place on the rugby field. Sending off – probably not, the 10 minutes off was a just sanction in terms of the game. A further severe punishment from the judiciary is the appropriate sanction.
    However, leaving out St Sheridan from the citing is a little off. Additionally Mike Philips the whinger from this test can be seen attacking the face of Pierre Spies in the 71st minute of the first test. Hypocrite! Where were the zealous citing committee then?

  3. mate, you s.african are so arrogant. Eye goughing is illegal 4 a reason. It is used to blind a player. Burger is a dirty player. But then thats s.african rugby and we all know the ref was a homer

  4. Congratulations to the Boks for winning the match and series, congratulations to them for being a bunch of eye gougers, bullies and thugs led a a cretin of a coach with the IQ of a turd. This is a coach who cant see that idiot burger should have been sent off for gouging. Be it the Boks in 74, 97 or 09 its still the same brutal and thuggish mentality only in 2009 its a rainbow nation thuggish mentality. Well done South Africa.

  5. Although in total agreement that Burger was in the wrong, Ive never liked the player and am an ardent Bok fan. What about O Driscolls “tackle” off the ball that sent Danie Roussouw off the pitch ? Why no hearing for that. What enraged me further was the commentary on Sky where the British commentators said that in a game of this importance, you cannot discuss the legalities of such a challenge. And that what O Driscoll had done was “raise his team members spirits” by the tackle. What nonsense !!!!!!1!!!

  6. I am South African. Overall a fantastic game of rugby but if I had my way I’d ban Burger for life. He’s an absolute thug and South Africa are better of without him. It was a brilliant win which was marred but this incedent and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

    PS: A punch is nothing in comparison to what he did…


  7. Funny how quickly you people (in particular Irish Rugby Fans) forget – Alan Quinlan vs Leinster with a blatant eye gouge. Not much was said of this after the game, as Leinster progressed to the Final and won the competition.

    In all accounts many people were hoping he would not be banned so he could travel to South Africa. Talk about double standards here. Now you are all calling for Burger to be banned for life etc.

    Oh and by the way – Burger was found NOT guilty of eye gouging but GUILTY of reckless contact with the face.

    Stop blaming everybody you can (Ref, Touch Judges, Schalk Burger) and accept you lost a test series.

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