ryanair leaving money on the table with no customer registration

I’ve booked loads of Ryanair flights and every time they ask you for your name, address, mobile and when you check in online, they ask for your passport number and date of birth. Why do you have to do this everytime? Why can’t you register an account on the ryanair website and have all this information stored for you so you can book flights with one click. It would make life easier for customers and provid loads more potential cash for Ryanair.

They could start a self-serve ad system like Facebook’s and let advertisers target customers by nationality, destination and age. Right now they just have generic Hertz ads when you book your flight which I doubt bring in much conversions. How much would a small car hire firm in Knock make if they could target all German people over the age of 40 with a German language ad right after they’ve booked their flight to Knock? And they more targeted and higher converting ads, the more money for Ryanair. And this is guaranteed correct info, nobody is going to put a fake nationality or date of birth on their online check in.

Of course all this data gathering would need a pretty good terms and conditions but I sure that could be drawn up easy. Ryanair are leaving so much €€€ on the table, their IT department must be retarded.

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