how to copy a website with httrack on linux

This is more for my own reference than anything. Say you see a flog on the intertubes and want to rip it and stick up for affiliate links. How to do it quickly on Linux? I used to use wget but it sucked. httrack is much better.

httrack "" -N1 -O "/home/techcrunch_rip/public_html"** -v

This will rip the homepage of techcrunch and stick it in the folder specified by -O. URL filters next ensure it only downloads files from certain domains. The -N1 argument is the most important, it ensures htttrack sticks all images, css in one directory instead of creating loads of directories. Very handy.

irish phonebook on your iphone

I was looking for an iPhone app a while ago to search Irish business phonenumbers and couldn’t find one, so wrote one myself. And while I was waiting for Apple to approve my app, a different phonebook app was released with better user interface! BUT it just searches the goldenpages website so you need a net connection. I scraped the Goldenpages website and stuck it in the app, so no net connectio needed, handy when you quickly need a number.

Check it out here, only e2.39 to buy

php facebook ads api

Update 24/11/2010: This is now being sold on it’s own site.

Sick of waiting for the facebook ads API? Download my PHP one today. Features include:

  • Create ads from PHP script loop. You can modify any paramaters you want and submit 100s of ads an hour but that will prob get your account banned
  • Pull info from your DB to submit ads. eg You could pull artist names and submit loads of ringtone ads using each individual artist
  • I provide a mysql table of all US cities you can target with Facebook, along with the user count for each city. So you can loop through all these and create targetted ads to every city in the US. eg ‘Meet Atlanta, GA Women’ today targetted at just Atlanta, GA demo. This is sure to improve CTR and lower your CPC.
  • Support for proxies

This is the code you use to create ads. #!/usr/local/bin/php
// The script doesn't support creating campaings yet so you need to get this from ads Manager. On the create an ad page, the select box at the bottom where you pick your campaign, just go into the HTML source and find the value for the campaign you want to use.
// Not sure if these 2 values make a difference. No harm in setting them right.

$query1=$mysql->query("SELECT * FROM us_cities WHERE done='no' ORDER BY usercount DESC");
while ($result1=$query1->fetch_assoc()) {
preg_match("/(.+?), .+?/",$city,$justcity);
// this uploads image used in ad.
// this actually creates and approves the ad. works like this createAd(ad name in ad manager, ad url without the http://, ad title (keep less than 25), ad body (keep less than 135), country, min age, max age, cpc bid, city id, gender targeted, education targeted) $JUSTCITY[1] has the name of just the city like Atlanta, $city has the state as well eg Atlanta, GA
$facebook->createAd($city,"{$insertid}","{$justcity[1]} Free Grants","Our records show 100s of unclaimed grants issued by Pres. Obama available to {$city} residents. You need to claim now.","US","21","25","0.39",$fbid,"male","all");
$query2=$mysql->query("UPDATE us_cities SET done='yes' WHERE id='{$insertid}' LIMIT 1");
// this is the value of seconds waited before submitting each ad. suggest keep it at 15 unless you want your account banned

Here’s a screenshot of the facebook cities table:Screenshot of phpMyAdmin

Price is $200$150. If you want a copy, paypal the cash to and I’ll email you a copy within a few hours.

Update 24/11/2010: This is now being sold on it’s own site.

affiliate summit west 2009: vegas baby

Said I may as well attend one of these conferences and try to ‘network’ a bit in the ‘aul Internet marketing world. Or it could be just an excuse for tax deductible trip to Vegas 🙂 The conference is on January 11th (Sunday) to January 13th (Tuesday) but I’m flying in the previous Friday, check out Vegas for the weekend. Staying at the conference hotel, the Rio which is off the strip. Anyone else going and want to meet up, shoot me an email georgiecasey at gmail dot the com or twitter

apple are shite

I’m not a fan of most Apple stuff, they’re overpriced and the hardware they use is cheap. They do make sexy looking stuff though, I’ll give em that. And they seem to get away with anything and still have their fanboy faggots drooling over them (I’ve experienced this species IRL in their herds at the diggnation filming in London).

Fan of the iPod and iPhone though. Not a fan of iTunes and Quicktime, which are required to update firmware on these two products. Quicktime is possible the worst piece of software I’ve ever used. It fecked up Youtube’s sound on firefox when it installed (with iTunes, which I need) by trying to play all video and sound files. So I went into settings and unchecked them.

Then I needed to update firmware on my Iphone to 2.1, which required an upgrade of iTunes, which required an upgrade to Quicktime, which changed back all my settings without asking and fecked up Firefox again. If Microsoft did this the bloggers would have a field day.

quadzilla getting lazy

Looks like so called blackhat (is the term even relevant anymore?) expert quadzilla is organising a party at Oktoberfest along with other ‘experts’ where they’ll be divulging their top ‘secrets’. All for the low price tag of 5 grand. Of course, ‘If you can’t afford the cover charge then this gathering is not for you.’ Lolz

Anyone who pays that kind of money for a session needs a kick up the hole, you won’t learn anything that isn’t freely available on the net or is just plain common sense. But I have to admire the cheek of the guy who regularly blogs looking for people to buy him dinner where he’ll divulge more ‘secrets’. If you manage to get 10 idiots to pay you off and let you actually profit from getting wasted at Oktoberfest instead of spending the time infront of a computer making money, well, then kudos to you!

outlook 2007 slow as hell

I don’t know what’s happening at Microsoft, are they losing all the good programmers to ‘cooler’ companies or something because everything they’ve brought out in the last while has been crap. Installed the new Office and they completely changed the interface for Word and Excel to make it simpler. i.e. for fucking idiots who couldn’t use a basic piece of software like a word processor. After a many a Google I managed to find where they stashed away all the useful features.

But Outlook: what the hell is going on. I tried importing my 2gb pst file and it was going dirt slow. Can’t blame it, it’s a big file so i left it overnight. It had barely got a quarter of the way in the morning. It was importing an email every 2 seconds! With about 100,000 emails it would take a while. So I split up the .pst files into 200meg chunks and only loaded 3 at a time. 600 megs of pst files, surely it can handle that?

Nope. Flicking through emails slows the whole thing down no end. This is on a new comp with 4gb RAM and a dual core at 2.4ghz. You can’t search emails with any useful criteria until installing an addon called Microsoft Search Companion which is like Google Desktop only it hogs about 4 times the resources. Every now and then with Outlook not open the system would slow to a crawl when this thing would start indexing. So I uninstalled that.

And send receive… is just unusable. It starts off lively and then just… halts. Computer completely unusable until this finishes. Hard drive whirring like it’s processing terabytes, mouse barely moving. It takes about 5 minutes to download 10 emails. Loads of people with similiar problems as me, businesses who spent 20 grand on Outlook for an entire company.

leaked google guidelines on what’s spam and what ain’t

A leaked PDF from Google setting out guidelines for ‘quality raters’ when they’re doing handjobs on spam is doing the rounds on the Interweb. An interesting 43 page read albeit with no real bombshells. Had to laugh though when they were describing thin affiliates around page 35:

Recognizing thin affiliates

Clicking on a “More Information” or “Make a Purchase” button takes you to a merchant on a different
Right-clicking on an image on the page with your mouse and looking at “Properties” shows you that the
image has a different URL than the URL of the page. This indicates that the image originates from the
other merchant’s site.
Example of a thin affiliate:
This is an Amazon thin affiliate. Looking at the properties of the images on the page reveals that they
originate from

There is no value added (e.g. reviews, price comparison) on the page, and the value of the page is only in
the link to the merchant’s site.
You cannot complete a transaction from the thin affiliate’s site.

This site belongs to an Irish blogger in my feed that I’d never expect to be a spammer, but what Google says is gospel, eh? 🙂

Full PDF here if interested