apple are shite

I’m not a fan of most Apple stuff, they’re overpriced and the hardware they use is cheap. They do make sexy looking stuff though, I’ll give em that. And they seem to get away with anything and still have their fanboy faggots drooling over them (I’ve experienced this species IRL in their herds at the diggnation filming in London).

Fan of the iPod and iPhone though. Not a fan of iTunes and Quicktime, which are required to update firmware on these two products. Quicktime is possible the worst piece of software I’ve ever used. It fecked up Youtube’s sound on firefox when it installed (with iTunes, which I need) by trying to play all video and sound files. So I went into settings and unchecked them.

Then I needed to update firmware on my Iphone to 2.1, which required an upgrade of iTunes, which required an upgrade to Quicktime, which changed back all my settings without asking and fecked up Firefox again. If Microsoft did this the bloggers would have a field day.

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