jason calacanis at affiliate summit

Blogosphere going a bit mad over Jason Calacanis comments at Affiliate Summit. He’s an ‘aul pro at getting people talking. My favourite quote:

You guys really think small. Holding up a six figure check is frankly pathetic. It’s desperate. The industry I’m in, like the Internet industry, like Web 2.0 industry elitist, you know. Kevin Rose, whatever. They would laugh at that. It’s sad. It’s embarrassing.

This is just the kind of bullshit I hate, faggots in Silicon Valley going down the route of brainstorming a shitty idea, sucking off VCs for money who probably don’t have the first clue how the Net works and then blowing all that cash on fancy offices and Tesla Roadsters, I dunno.

One web 2.0 company in a thousand ‘takes off’ with a loyal band of users to create the content and is hyped up until they’re bought out by one of the real big boys with too much money and nothing to do with it. What happens to the other 999 companies? They fail, VCs lose their money and the founders go back to their real estate jobs or whatever. It’s like an Internet gold rush, some get really rich but most don’t.

Affiliate marketing is the complete opposite, if you work hard and do your research you *will* succeed. I don’t know many people pulling in ‘pathetic’ six figure cheques but I knows loads, myself included who are making a decent living doing this. Your own boss, your own hours, neither clients or managers to listen to. Bliss.

And I don’t think Kevin Rose is laughing, or should be laughing. I’d love to know how much the company has lost in the past few years. What’s the revenue model? The ads are terribly targeted and I’d guess the loyal band of pre-pubescent teenage gamers don’t have much money to spend anyway. Don’t matter anyway, it will most likely be bought in the near future by a traditional media company for a silly number only to be written off on the sly in a few years when they realise their folly.

downgrading to xp on a dell inspiron 1521

Bought an inspiron on dells refurbished site for half nothing but it came with Vista. I never tried Vista but have no interest in leaving XP, which works grand. Dells site doesn’t have many XP drivers if you enter inspiron 1521 and it took me agggess on the Google to get video drivers for the inspiron 1521 graphics card. Figured out eventually that the XP graphics card drivers on the dell site for the latitude D531 work for it

Interesting was the google suggestions when I entered ‘inspiron 1521’. One was [inspiron 1521 ubuntu] and another was ‘inspiron 1521 xp video driver‘ both with loads of threads and blog posts as you could guess. Think vista in trouble alright.

calacanis wants to outsource ‘repetative’ (sic) tasks to ireland

Jason Calacanis showing his ignorance with a twitter last night on how he wants to outsource mindless drone work to irish or indians. I’ve often used cheap labour myself for stuff like captcha solving but I wouldn’t be sourcing anywhere local. Indian GDP per capita is $3,800. Irish GDP per capita is $44,500. A little world economy lesson for ya there Jason.

Calacanis has a web 2.0 startup called Mahalo which has a ridiculous business model. He wants to generate human edited search results for the most common queries. A few issues I have with the idea:

1) I don’t think anything human edited can keep up with the current pace of the web. A breaking blog post on a topic can be indexed and highly ranked in Google in a matter of hours these days as long as it has authority links. The authority sites are doing the human editing for Google. Real human editing could not possibly keep up.

2) OK, the Mahalo editors might be doing a good service with these result pages but it’s like something the wikimedia foundation would bring out and release completely free. Thousands of editors are writing pages for Wikipedia for free (I don’t know why, but they do) but Jason is paying editors to make pages for Mahalo. It is not a good business model.

3) If a super search engine came out tomorrow with a much vaster index than G and better relevancy, it would still take a long while for people to switch. Google’s results are ‘good enough’ to prevent people to actively look for other engines.

Do people think of something they want to read about or (more importantly) buy and load up the Mahalo homepage to start a search? I seriously doubt it. I assume the majority of Mahalo’s traffic comes from Google. It’s a crap idea, it will be forgotten in a years time when Bubble 2.0 has burst and swept away all the shite

getting your mobile site to work on all phones

I have a fairly popular WAP site which is running Adsense Mobile ads and getting 300,000 impressions a day according to that so it’s pretty big. Problem is it was coded in WML 1.3 years ago when that was the only format that mobiles used. But smartphone browsers like my Nokia E61 use xhmtl-mp and don’t recognise WML at all. So I’m getting loads of emails from pissed off teenagers who can’t access the mobile site. Then there’s phones in Asia that use cHTML, a completely different format,, but I don’t think I have many users from Asia. So how do you cater for all these phones, create a different site for each format?

I was looking into this until I found the WURFL project which is a big database of all known phones and their capabilites and preferred languages. Luca Passani created WALL, the Wireless Abstraction Library for Java and Kaspars Foigts ported it for PHP. To use this you code all your pages using standard tags like and and WALL gets the phone user agent, queries the WURFL xml file and returns the appropriate code. This obviously doesn’t scale well so Tera WURFL grabs the WURFL xml file once and stores it in a local MySQL table for querying. I agree with others that the mobile web is finally coming of age about 6 years after the disastrous rollout of black and white WAP in shitty small mobile screens.

saudi rape victim punished with 200 lashes

A court in the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is punishing a female victim of gang rape with 200 lashes and six months in jail, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The 19-year-old woman — whose six armed attackers have been sentenced to jail terms — was initially ordered to undergo 90 lashes for “being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape,” the Arab News reported.

But in a new verdict issued after Saudi Arabia’s Higher Judicial Council ordered a retrial, the court in the eastern town of Al-Qatif more than doubled the number of lashes to 200.

source: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=071115145104.rykb7bub&show_article=1

wtf. If these countries didn’t have the majority of the world’s oil supply we could be done with them. How could any modern civilisation think this is OK?

yet another monster ireland spam post

Monster caught spamming people scraped from it@corks member list, not too serious in fairness, just trying to drum up business but going it around the completely wrong way. Why would anyone send unsolicited email signed with their respectable company name?

And then John Burns Monster claiming the email addresses of the member list were fair game! He obviously has little online experience and how to go about things on the net. The spam police are up in arms about it stating the maximum fines that are possible but of course nothing will happen.

But shocking PR for Monster and they’re own fault for taking on the blogosphere. Nobody would give a shit about blogs if we didn’t have so much trustrank with Google. A query for <Monster Ireland> on the big G already brings up his post from a few hours on page two! Monster might be hiring a few SEO companies to do some ‘reputation management’ work soon.

google adsense for mobile code hack

Google have announced adsense for mobile so I decided to test it out on my ringtones WAP site which gets quite a lot of page impressions, 11 million in August though that includes the actual media files which obviously can’t have adsense on them. Went into my adsense account and created the mobile code to place on my wap site in my scripting language of PHP and WAP format of WML. Google gives you PHP code which sets a few global PHP variables and then tries to require the necessary code from the Google servers which is a bit of a problem as I disable PHP being able to fopen URLs for security reasons.

So I grabbed the code Google was trying to require and it seems like simple PHP that sends the request to the Google ad server through another fopen and echos the output. I changed the fopen code to a cURL request and just echoed that and it seems to work fine for the time being. But if Google ever change the code that I just downloaded there could be problems. I’m surprised they used fopen, if I was coding it I would have used a fsockopen function which is nearly guaranteed to always work no matter what settings the user has.

The only ads I’ve seen on it so far are for some kind of dating site. CPC is about the same as on the WWW site but CTR is fairly low, I’m guessing because the ads aren’t very targeted yet. Looks good for the future though. Google move first again.

Here’s the code I copied and pasted into my WML pages minus the publisher ID’s

$value) {
if ($param == "client") {
google_append_url($google_ad_url, $param,
"ca-mb-" . $GLOBALS["google"][$param]);
} else if (strpos($param, "color_") === 0) {
google_append_color($google_ad_url, $param);
} else if ((strpos($param, "host") === 0)
|| (strpos($param, "url") === 0)) {
google_append_url($google_ad_url, $param,
$google_scheme . $GLOBALS["google"][$param]);
} else {
google_append_globals($google_ad_url, $param);
google_append_url($google_ad_url, "dt",
round(1000 * array_sum(explode(" ", microtime()))));

return $google_ad_url;

$ch1 = curl_init(google_get_ad_url());
curl_setopt($ch1, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$google_blah = curl_exec($ch1);
echo $google_blah;