yet another monster ireland spam post

Monster caught spamming people scraped from it@corks member list, not too serious in fairness, just trying to drum up business but going it around the completely wrong way. Why would anyone send unsolicited email signed with their respectable company name?

And then John Burns Monster claiming the email addresses of the member list were fair game! He obviously has little online experience and how to go about things on the net. The spam police are up in arms about it stating the maximum fines that are possible but of course nothing will happen.

But shocking PR for Monster and they’re own fault for taking on the blogosphere. Nobody would give a shit about blogs if we didn’t have so much trustrank with Google. A query for <Monster Ireland> on the big G already brings up his post from a few hours on page two! Monster might be hiring a few SEO companies to do some ‘reputation management’ work soon.

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