Uploaded a few rugby videos to YouTube

Been uploading rugby videos to Youtube lately including highlights of the Leinster v Agen match including BOD getting sick, tries from England v Australia last summer and Donnacha O’Callaghan trying to play in his jocks against Cardiff on Sunday!

I should have posted this on my blog quicker as prettycunning.net posted my video on his blog and got a link from Donnacha O’Caoimhs PR8 blog. All that lovely pagerank could have been mine. Ah well. Here are all the videos.

And I get all my rugby games on BitTorrent from AussieTorrents, Demonoid and Diwana in case anyone is wondering. BT ports are blocked on my student accomodation connection so I’m renting a server from Hosting365 and running rtorrent from that. rtorrent was fair hard to install. €80 a month and I’m just using it to download rugby, fuck it though, it’s worth it.

Donncha O’Callaghan

Leinster v Agen tries and O’Driscoll getting sick

Georgie Gregan magic, England v Australia, Summer 2006

Chris latham try, quality seems bad from .mp4 files

Mark Gerrard try

Rodney Blake try. Always nice to see England being trashed

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13 thoughts on “Uploaded a few rugby videos to YouTube

  1. Link inserted, hope it drives some traffic your way. I really enjoyed the video and my wife laughed at it too!

    If all you need is a remote server, why not try a VPS? I have two off linode.com and one from xenplanet.com and prices start at around $20 or €10/month. Nope, I don’t work for either crowd!

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  3. Haha, cheers! I forgot linking to a post shows it up as a pingback. Do VPS allow you to install custom software? I’m on a year long contract with Hosting365 now anyway, feck it.

  4. Yeah, running a virtual private server is like having your own Linux box. You get root access to it and you admin it yourself.
    The only restriction I can find so far is that linode, for one, limit you to 1024 open files but that wouldn’t be a problem for what you want to do. I haven’t checked if xenplanet have a similar limit.

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  7. Awesome videos! Hey would you have an invite to AussieTorrents that you could spare? Or at the very least send me the .torrent file for the Ireland V France 6n game that just happened? Not much hope for rugby in america and I would appreciate it! thanks!

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