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Android and iOS developer based in Ennis, Clare in the West of Ireland. Yep, I talk in the third person now. If you’re a recruitment consultant, ignore me, I’m not looking for a change.

I used to just do affiliate marketing full-time but profits aren’t as good anymore, I miss ringtones and rebills :-(.

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  1. rugby vids look pretty good georgie, you have some good ones in there, impressed by your taste. you def know more bout rugby than casley. speeds in cuirt are shocking cant get a bit. good addition to list would be all blacks v france 1999,also the bledisloe cup game of 2001 – prob the best game of rugby ive ever seen..all of munsters miracle matches apart. those would be good too actually – munster v saracens in 99 was what kicked it all of a class match, also munster toulouse in 2000. you should start a top 10 matches poll. but dont let casley do it he hasnt a clue bout rugby.

  2. Hello Georgie,

    I have come across your fine blog following a link from Irish Blogs.ie directory. I am a photographer, based here in Dublin, specializing in black and white Irish landscapes – you can see my portfolio at: http://www.PhilPankov.com

    I was wondering if you would like to use any of my images to illustrate your blog – both Daragh from http://www.dublinblog.ie and Michael and Kevin from http://disillusionedlefty.blogspot.com used my images as headings on their Irish blogs. If you are interested in using my images, please let me know which ones and I will email you high-resolution files, free of charge of course. My only request would be for you to add and maintain a link to my site – I am sure your visitors would be interested in seeing modern Ireland in ‘classic black and white’ format.

    Alternatively, if you are interested, maybe you would like to exchange the links between our sites? Please let me know what description you would like and I will add your blog to my links page. I would like to have for my visitors more links to blogs of Irish interest.

    By the way, last week I just finished uploading my 26 new photos from this year, mostly from Ireland: http://www.philpankov.com/-/philpankov/gallery.asp?cat=39213 – let me know what you think of them, if you have time.


    Philip Pankov
    Black & White Photography of Ireland
    086 603 8256

  3. hey man, the proxy blocker isnt working, it just send me back to the original homepage, just thought i ought to let you know.

  4. hey, i thought this would really want you to turn my page…i like the photos!interesting and i like being kept interested….georgie….

  5. Hi !!
    I will soon come to Galway as an erasmus student and… I really LOVE your cap !! I WANT the same 😉 ! Maybe we’ll meet someday and you’ll tell me where I can buy the same !

    Bye, see you (perhaps) !

  6. (Posting here as you’re contact form doesnt work????)

    I see you’re experienced Magento developers. I’m in need of some professional assistance and wonder would you be able to take a look at a page for me and see if you have any particular solutions for me?

    The page is at http://magentodesigndublin.com/deal/dining-deals/dinner-deals/test-deal.html where you will find a test product with 2 custom attributes. Both attributes are inevitably created as dropdown attributes and include “Date available” and “Time available” data. The data in both fields is entered as ordinary alphanumeric text.


    Can the “Date available” attribute be displayed as a date picker / calendar whereby all available dates would appear as say “green” on the calendar?

    Once a date is chosen can the resulting available times be displayed as say radio buttons?

    Please let me know if you’re free to assist and what comments if any you may have regarding the above,

    Many thanks,


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